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Learn A New LanguageYou may be a student, a working individual or a businessperson who wants to learn a new language.

And you are probably here because you are seeking the most suitable language learning software, a language translation software, talking dictionary, pocket dictionary or a virtual personal interpreter.

Alpha Language Center has been helping thousands of people learn a new language since 1995 starting with beginners to advance levels.

Regardless of the reasons you have to want to learn a new language, or your expectation level, we have the language learning software to match your high expectation or budget.

4 Benefits to Learn A New Language:

Brighten up your life by being able to speak additional languages

Save time, money learning a foreign language from the comfort of your home

Make life easier by removing language barrier, for example while you are on a business trip overseas

Have fun in learning a new language

More reasons to learn a foreign language

Language Learning Software For Travelers:

Do you like traveling? I do. As part of a good life, we all do. Well, take our travel advice, you need to speak the foreign language.

Whatever your destination, and whether you are taking a cruise, making arrangement for air travel to a foreign country, staying at a hotel or taking a bike tour - you want to understand the spoken word around.

International Adoption:

When you adopt a child from another country, you'll need to understand and be understood, translate your words and feelings in a foreign language. And you will need help with that translation.

If you are in the process of adopting a child from abroad, the communication issue becomes ever so important. Much of your love, trust, and future depend on how successfully you and your child will manage to communicate in these first crucial months of your relationship.

Living or working abroad:

Most people, who have moved abroad to live, or even just for work assignment, do experience difficulties with the new language they have to learn to speak. They often need help with translation as well.

Our main goal is to make your life easier by helping you speak the language and even helping you to get rid of your accent.

Many people cannot survive a new language course because they hate huge paper dictionaries and/or lack the time. Now you can learn a new language from the comfort of your home with our language learning software.

To learn a foreign language...

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